आँबुखैरेनी को पहिलो र भरपर्दो समाचार पोर्टल

Team aanbookhairenipost

Aanbookhairenipost  Fortnightly Team 2066 (2009) 

publisher/sub-Editor  : Amar Kandel  , Editor – Rishi kc . Computer : Prem shrestha , Printers: shree krishna printers. District Administration  Office  Tanahun Nepal  : Register number 20/065/066

contact : abupost@yahoo.com ,

065-540572 .9846070272dsc074281.jpg

For Aanbookhairenipost.com 

Publisher : Amar kandel ,  Reporters  – Ram bahadur dhami (Nepal)  Hareram upreti Gorkha Nepal )

@COPYRIGHT : aanbookhairenipost.com  

contact info -amar.kandel12@gmail.com




2 comments on “Team aanbookhairenipost

  1. suraj
    January 21, 2011

    good job

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